About Us

      \CRUSADE/ is an alliance in a medieval game called Haypi Kingdoms. In this game, people can band together to form powerful alliances. But most alliances are evil. We at \Crusade/ strive to work together as one as we fight the Holy War against the evil alliances who would steal mines and hoard all the worlds resources. Their power must  not go unchecked. If we don't stop them, who will?

We know that if this should continue, it would create the Apocalypse and end the world as we know it, unless we stand and fight! We are freedom fighters, who, fight to relinquish the mines from the evil invaders in order to secure a more peaceful world. We fight for Justice, We fight for Truth! We fight to preserve the good and to defeat that which would kill it. There is no greater gift than self-sacrifice!

But we cannot do this alone, we need your help. You must become apart of the Brotherhood of Fellow Crusaders and do your duty as a Godly Hero. It is by fate that you found your way here, you belong with us. Come now, and Honor all those who came before you by giving your life to save others. Do this, and you will become a Legend in the Halls of Old. It is time, time for you to Draw Your Sword!

Join Now! Join \\-CRUSADE-// !!

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