Oasis Guide:

Oasis Level 1: 9-9-0-0
Cats to beat: 8

Oasis Level 2: 24-9-0-0
Cats to beat: 8

Oasis Level 3: 49-24-9-0
Cats to beat: 18

Oasis Level 4: 99-24-9-0
Cats to beat: 26

Oasis Level 5: 249-49-24-9
Cats to beat: 52 (Shooting Tech 1+)

Oasis Level 6: 499-49-24-24
Cats to beat: 87 (Shooting Tech 1+)

Oasis Level 7: 999-99-49-49
Cats to beat: 170 (Shooting Tech 1+)

Oasis Level 8: 2499-99-49-99
Cats to beat: 255 (Shooting Tech 4+)

Oasis Level 9: 4999-499-99-249
Cats to beat: 505 (Shooting Tech 8+) OR 750 (Shooting Tech 4+)

These are the proper maxes and the recommended minimum I would take to ensure 0 losses.
Personal Experience
Oasis Level 1: 9-6-0-0
Cats to beat: 6 (Shooting Tech 1+)

Oasis Level 3: 49-19-9-0
Cats to beat: 13 (Shooting Tech 1+)

Oasis Level 4: 99-24-9-0
Cats to beat: 25 (Shooting Tech 1+)

About 1 catapult for 1 cavalry. Need to take down cavalry preferably in 2 turns. Another trick is to move catapult forward once and attack.
Next, wait and attack. Just before the cavalry reach, move back and attack. If archers are going to come within range, move back and attack.
You may be able to use fewer catapults.

Oasis Income - credits to Rouge17
Starting at level one: 100 / 200 / 350 / 550 / 850 / 1250 / 1900 / 2700 / 3700 and the rare level 10 oasis is 5000 per hour
*You can have one oasis per every two of your levels rounded up.
So if your general title is level 3 then you can have 2, if your general level is 7 you can have 4 etc.

More information, from your leader Jesusshock:

My advice for Oasis is to never ever take (steal) another players oasis. This will make them angry and at the least take their stuff back and at the most attack your cities alot. To save you from the same mistake I made, just train quite a bit of cavalry or catapuls and take your own. I use 2,650 cavalry to easilly take any level oasis I want. Once the Oasis is your, recall your troops. Then train 49 or each troop and dispatch them to that oasis. If anyone scouts they still see 0-50 troops and if they do try to attack (and steal), you will have them beat at least the first time. (No one truly defends their oasis).

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